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With Kos Town on its doorstep, you're not too far away from the action, but Psalidi couldn't be further away in terms of the atmosphere that the resort offers. With a leisurely pace and a laidback atmosphere, this rural countryside resort is spacious, modern and rarely crowded. Separated from the capital by 2km of road, Psalidi holidays provide you with a little piece of calm, without placing you in the middle of nowhere.
Its long sand and shingle beach is quiet and tranquil, providing you with ample opportunity to relax and unwind; something that's well-deserved for us all at some point! With something to suit every style and budget, holidays to Psalidi will always tick the right boxes.

Places to Go

Kos Town
Home to the medieval Castle of the Knights as well as a Roman amphitheatre to mosey around, Kos Town isn't just a vibrant and cosmopolitan. While you could easily while away the hours shopping in its winding streets or testing out the local nightlife, it's just as easy to stop by Eleftherias Square to grab a refreshing drink and watch the world go by.
With the Turkish shores just a boat ride away, you could venture into Bodrum as part of your Psalidi break quite easily. The journey doesn't take long, and with plenty of culture and sights to explore, a trip to this vibrant Turkish town should be incorporated into any Psalidi holiday. Explore St. Peter's Castle, haggle in the bazaars or sample some of the mouth-watering Turkish meze at one of the harbourfront restaurants.
The Askelpeion
As one of Greece's most important archaeological sites, the Askelpeion is a must for any history or cultural buff. Home to crumbling fourth century temples that stand majestically on the hillside, it's the site of the remains of the world's first hospital and provides some breathtaking views.

Things to Do

Hire a Bike
Saddle up and take a trip to Kos town or explore the surrounding countryside with the help of a bike. Cycling is a great way to get around and to discover areas of Kos that would otherwise be seldom touched by tourist hands.
Explore Pyli Castle
Pyli is famous for its hilltop castle and it's easy for you to head off and explore it. Refill your water bottle at one of the natural springs, they're said to bring eternal youth or fertility, so choose the spring wisely! The water will help to keep you refreshed, regardless.
Hop Over to Nisyros
Nisyros is a scenic gem of an island and home to a volcanic crater that was created by a massive eruption in the 15th century. Legend has it that the island was created from a stone thrown by the Greek God of the Sea, Poseidon. Walk round the crater or head for the top where you'll be greeted by some sensational views, as well as an overwhelming scent of sulphur and steam!

Top Holiday Resorts

Chill out on the beach in Psalidi and you'll feel your troubles slip away in no time. Take life in your stride and slow down your pace a little for a great opportunity to truly unwind and relax.
Kos Town
Vibrant, lively and full of sights and sounds to suit every want and need, Kos Town has something for everyone. While its nightlife is buzzing and its beaches are popular, it's the historical and cultural delights of this fantastic capital that are must-sees.
Psalidi package holidays are the perfect choice if you're hoping to get away from it all. With some great deals available from Direct Holidays, your Greek retreat could be just a few clicks away!

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