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Located at the very northern tip of Lesbos, Molyvos is probably the most popular resort when it comes to holidays on this beautiful island. Don't let that put you off though, 'popular' here doesn't mean the same as it does on the more vibrant islands of Greece. It's not popular because of its partying opportunities - rather the history, culture and laidback vibes that the resort offers.
With typically Mediterranean weather, the high season draws in holidaymakers by the bucketload. Its incredible medieval hilltop castle is overwhelming and a popular sight, partly due to the castle itself but also because of the tremendous views that it harbours. Talking of harbours, that's impressive too!
Its beach is a mix of small pebbles and soft sand, making it a popular spot for sunbathing. Having been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag status, it's a haven for beach bums of all ages, with kids loving the shallow, warm and clean waters that are safe to paddle in. Nightlife is reasonably lively with plenty of variety to suit all tastes, while there are some fabulous tavernas for you to sink your teeth into, with mouth-watering dishes to suit every palate on the menu.
If you're after a classic Greek island experience, in a place that still retains its authentic charm without shutting you off from local amenities, Molyvos is the resort for you.

Places to Go

Home to some hot springs which are said to have healing properties, Eftalou is set in peaceful surroundings that only add to the overall experience. A newly renovated bath house, complete with private and communal facilities, ensures that your visit is as enjoyable as possible.
Golden Beach
Located near to Eftalou, the Golden Beach is a perfect place to get away from it all. It's definitely a well-kept secret, but it's one that you can discover with ease. It's a great spot to watch the world go by and truly unwind.
The Petrified Forest
Explore the Petrified Forest near to Sigri and experience something completely different to the beaches of Lesbos you may be used to. These are ancient trees that have been fossilised and preserved and are an unusual and unique addition to any Lesbos holiday.

Things to Do

Sample Mouth-Watering Fare
If there's one thing you should do at least once, you should head to one of the local tavernas in the town to dine on some of the sumptuous dishes that grace the menus. Whether or not you choose a package deal which includes your evening meals or not, one evening at a local taverna is a must. However, if you're on a self-catering holiday and need to feed yourselves every evening, you can be sure that you don't have to visit the same place twice.
Explore the Castle
The castle that overlooks Molyvos is a great spot for an afternoon of exploration. Whether you while away the hours wandering around its limits or you just wish to take advantage of the phenomenal views, a visit is a must.
Snorkel in the Tranquil Seas
Take a walk beyond the dock at Molyvos until you come to somewhere that you can get in and out of the water. Here you will find perfect conditions for snorkelling, with sapphire waters offering excellent visibility. It's a great way to enjoy the underwater delights in a more private spot.

Top Holiday Resorts

Perfect if you're looking for somewhere that's popular but still oozes relaxation and laidback vibes, Molyvos is the place to be if you want nothing more but to just sit back on a sunlounger and admire your surroundings.
The picturesque town of Petra that's nearby to Molyvos has successfully managed to retain its Greek charm. It's an ideal spot for a quiet holiday on the beach in simply beautiful surroundings.
From the culture and history to the sun, sea and sand, Molyvos package holidays are perfect for everyone. Take a look at the affordable breaks from Direct Holidays and start planning your adventure today.

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