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The humble village of Skala Kalloni on the Greek island of Lesbos is a perfect spot for anyone hoping to completely switch off from everyday life. With a beautiful and rustic square at its centre and cobbled streets lined with shops and tavernas for you to enjoy, a holiday in Skala Kalloni is as much about village life as it is the sandy beach that it boasts.
Known as the sardine capital of Lesbos, the area is particularly well-known for its mouth-watering fish dishes, which you can sample for yourself at one of the local tavernas which prepare and serve these delicate fish in authentic ways. Ideal for seafood lovers, you can see the boats come and go from the busy harbour, watching the fisherman go about their daily jobs to ensure the fresh catch of the day can be served up by restaurants on the same day.
Oozing the classic charm of Greece, Skala Kalloni is a haven for peace and tranquillity, while its diverse landscape is an idyllic spot for birdwatchers who will love the array of rare and protected species of birds that flock by here as part of their migratory path.
If you want a piece of rustic and traditional Greece, look no further than Skala Kalloni - you won't want to leave!

Places to Go

As the capital city Lesbos, there's an array of sights to see and enjoy in Mytilini. Home to a historic castle, as well as a number of museums including the Archaeological, Theofilos and Teriade museums, it's a city that's as much about culture as it is about relaxing, browsing the shops and enjoying a drink or two at one of the tavernas.
Home to a monastery for you to explore, with an interesting array of artefacts on display for visitors to enjoy, the monastery was founded in 1523 and its historical beauty shines out from every façade.
Petrified Forest
The Petrified Forest is a tremendously popular attraction on the island of Lesbos. Since its formation 20m years ago, it has been covered by a volcanic eruption which covered most of the west of the island in lava. The result is the forest, home to fossilised trees which have been literally turned to stone. There's also a museum in Sigri dedicated to the site if you want to know more.

Things to Do

Watersports on the Beach
Watersports are very popular on the island, with plenty of its beaches offering water-based activities. Take your pick from the various activities on offer - from canoeing and pedalos to windsurfing and parasailing, watersports here don't have to be adrenaline-filled!
Island Hop
With the help of various scheduled boat trips, you can enjoy the experience of island hopping between Lesbos and some of its surrounding islands including Chios and Samos. Alternatively, head to the nearby coastline of Turkey for something completely different.
Hike in the Hills
Lesbos is a popular choice with walkers and hikers, with plenty of scenic trails to embark on. Scenic and historical routes are available for those who want to slow down their days and enjoy the countryside. Challenging treks are also available for people who wish to inject a little more adrenaline into their day. Lesbos is a walker's paradise, particularly between May and October when flowers bloom all around you, providing an artist's pallet of colour for you to enjoy.

Top Holiday Resorts

Skala Kalloni
Grab the chance to appreciate quaint village life on your summer break with a stay in this beautiful resort on the island of Lesbos. Offering a perfect blend of sun, sea, sand and sights, Skala Kalloni occupies a corner of Lesbos that oozes rusticity from its winding streets.
As the most popular resort on the island, Molyvos is a vibrant hub of activity, with plenty of charm and picturesque views. It's developed but still retains the authentic and rustic character of traditional village life. Equipped with a fun and lively nightlife, but still laidback in comparison to other Greek resorts on more buzzing and popular islands, Molyvos offers the best of both worlds.
Escape the daily grind for a while with an affordable package holiday to Skala Kalloni from Direct Holidays and see for yourself why this Greek island is a haven for anyone yearning for a little peace and quiet in the sunshine.

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