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Lindos is a stunningly picturesque coastal resort on the island of Rhodes. As one of the most beautiful destinations in the whole of Greece and across the Greek islands, Lindos has an official preservation order to make sure that it stays that way.
There are two pretty beaches to choose from in Lindos, as well as a postcard-perfect village centre where whitewashed houses creep up the hillside and donkeys wander the narrow alleyways.
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Places to Go

Lindos Village
Get lost in the winding streets of Lindos Village, stopping to browse the tiny shops or try traditional Greek pastries as you go. White cuboid builds gleam like sugar cubes on the hill, and, without a car in sight, a tour of this village is like taking a step back in time.
Lindos Acropolis
As one of the most popular places to visit in Lindos Village, the Acropolis has to be on any must-see itinerary. The temple, worshiping the Greek goddess Athena, sits atop a hill and looks down over Lindos, providing spectacular views to all that tackle the walk to this intriguing ancient ruin.
Symi Island
Why not make the most of your holidays on Rhodes, with a boat trip to one of the beautiful nearby Greek islands. Symi is revered for being one of the most delightful, with a sheltered bay, impressive mountains, a quaint harbour and some unique architecture. Check out the Venetian-style houses set into the hillside or shop at the waterfront stalls laden with the areas famous sea sponges.

Things to Do

Snorkel in St Paul's Bay
Water babes will love the natural harbour of St Paul's Bay, where craggy rocks form a natural seawater lagoon. The clear waters make it a stunning spot in Lindos for snorkelling, diving or swimming.
Eat by the Waterfront
Lindos harbour is the perfect place to feast on fresh seafood or traditional Greek eats like moussaka and meze. The pace is unhurried in Lindos - so linger over a long, relaxed meals with idyllic views out to sea.
Visit Turkey
Why settle for one holiday destination when you can have two? Marmaris in Turkey is within easy reach of Rhodes; take in the castle, eat by the harbour or shop in the Grand Bazaar for a taste of true Turkish delight.

Top Holiday Resorts

Breathtakingly beautiful, Lindos is one the most stunning spots on Rhodes. Relaxed holidays are the order of the day in this resort, where the clear waters of the sea and the labyrinthine streets of the village wait to be explored and enjoyed - with boats, bikes and donkeys being the preferred ways to get around.
Leave your cares firmly behind on holidays to Lindos and spend your days snorkelling, swimming and simply enjoying this little time-warp resort, before returning back from holiday refreshed and revitalised.
Rhodes Town
Rhodes Town is the ideal spot on the island for those who like to get to know a little of the history of their holiday destination. Full to the brim with museums, galleries, ancient ruins and crumbling landmarks, a wander around Rhodes Town is a history lesson in itself. Don't miss the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes, the Socratous Garden and the Palace of Grand Master of Knights.
If it's not a holiday to you without a beach, never fear, there's one right in the centre of Rhodes Town, with brilliant views across the sea to the shores of Turkey.
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