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While Achladies is much more relaxed and laidback in comparison to other Skiathos resorts - which in itself is more relaxed than other islands off the coast of Greece - it's near enough to Skiathos Town for holidaymakers be part of the action if they so wish.
Achladies holidays provide a peaceful haven for holidaymakers who are looking for a snippet of Greek heaven. While it's first and foremost a beach resort, there are also plenty of activities available both on and off the beach. There's no need to feel as though you're going to get trampled by other tourists because the beach isn't overcrowded at all. The waters are also safe and shallow, making Achladies a popular choice for families with small children.
With a nice mix of tavernas, shops and olive groves to explore, Achladies has something for everyone. If you like beaches quiet without the feeling of desolation, this is the place for you. Lounge about at your leisure and kick back in style with a memorable escape to Achladies.

Places to Go

Skiathos Town
While Achladies may have its fair share of places to explore, Skiathos Town has even more. Restaurants, shops and tavernas fringe its streets, while the vibrant nightlife helps you to crank your evening up a little if you'd like something a more up-tempo for a change.
Back in medieval times, Kastro was the capital of the island and can be found in the modern day village of the same name. Take an afternoon to spot the various ruins and imagine what the area would have looked like back when the city ruled the island.
Lalaria Beach
As one of the most noted beaches on the island of Skiathos, Lalaria Beach is a real treat for the eyes. Cobalt waters wash up on the golden sands, with archways that have eroded over time speckling the horizon ' particularly Tripia Petra, which can be found on many a postcard because of its standout appearance. Apparently, if you swim under the 'bridge' it has formed, you get younger! Anyone up for laps?

Things to Do

Watersports on the Beach
Jet across the ocean on a jet ski or try your hand at waterskiing, as you are propelled across the waves from the back of a motorboat. Alternatively, ride the crests and kick up some spray as you windsurf your way to shore!
Walk in the Countryside
A great way to discover places off the beaten track, walking the coastal trails and scenic routes will not only open your eyes to areas of Skiathos seldom seen. It will also provide some simply stunning views of the surrounding landscapes ' as well as helping you to walk off that tasty Greek feta and fluffy pitta breads!
Beach Hop
Regular buses take you between the various beaches of the area, so if you want to experience the various bays and hideaways in all their glory, including the inviting cove of Sklithri, you can. Explore all that Skiathos has to offer - just don't forget your suncream and your beach towel!

Top Holiday Resorts

While you may only be 2km from Skiathos Town, with a holiday in Achladies you'll feel like you're miles away. Toned down, low-key and quiet, Achladies is perfect for families looking for a break away from the masses, while still within easy reach of the action if you fancy an upbeat change.
Skiathos Town
The capital of the island and home to an array of high octane nightlife opportunities as well as plenty to tempt you during the days as well, Skiathos Town is bustling, charming and oozes fantastic vibes. If you love to be at the heart of it, Skiathos Town would be a perfect base.
Take the chance to relax and enjoy some well-deserved me time with one of the fabulous Achladies package holidays from Direct Holidays.

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