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If you wish to sample a real piece of Italy, Massa Lubrense is the perfect resort for you. Situated on the Neapolitan Riviera on the southwest side of Italy, Massa Lubrense offers a much less developed and tranquil holiday in comparison to nearby Sorrento. The beauty and charm of the Amalfi Coast is also close, but the associated hustle and bustle is non-existent in this simple stunning resort.
Choose to relax on the grey sandy beach if you wish to do nothing more than just sit back and unwind. Alternatively, spend your time immersing yourself in the local Neapolitan culture; the area is rich in traditional Italian delights and begs to be explored as part of your unforgettable Massa Lubrense holiday.
You won't find all-inclusive deals in Massa Lubrense, nor will you find chain hotels that are eyesores on the landscapes. What you will find instead, is more unique and unpretentious accommodation that will base you in the heart of the resort. With views across the Bay of Naples, the natural beauty of the area is phenomenal and you certainly get what you pay for with holidays to Massa Lubrense - just like you would elsewhere along the Riviera.

Places to Go

Amalfi Coast
Listed as a cultural landscape and a World Heritage site in 1997, the Amalfi Coast is one of the world's most scenically impressive extravaganzas and with a stay in Massa Lubrense, you're within easy distance of appreciating it. Amalfi is well-worth stopping by on your travels, with views of the town from the sea providing an awe-inspiring sight. Stop by the imposing Amalfi Cathedral while you're there to bask in the cultural beauty of the place.
Overlooking the Bay of Naples, Sorrento is a popular town for tourists to visit, so that they can soak up the culture of Massa Lubrense's bustling neighbour. The Amalfi Drive connects the town with Amalfi, with the narrow road threading through the Tyrrhenian Mountains providing unspoilt, sensational views. Back in town, there's plenty to see and do, not least of which being sitting in the Piazza Tasso as you watch the world go by.
Santa Maria Capua Vetere
This Roman town was allegedly once home to the legendary gladiator, Spartacus. You will find an enormous coliseum in the town, complete with underground tunnels, as well as an ancient Etruscan settlement for you to explore.

Things to Do

Dine at a Family Run Restaurant
There's nothing more rustic than dining at one of the traditional restaurants that is run by a local family. Homemade pasta is an absolute must during a stay in Italy and will make you realise that the pasta you eat back home is nowhere near as mouth-watering as the real deal.
Plunge off the Rocks at Capo di Sorrento
While the beaches may be found elsewhere, there's always a way of enjoying the waters. If you do fancy cooling off, quickly, take the plunge off the rocks at Capo di Sorrento, for an exhilarating and refreshing dip.
Walk in the Campania Countryside
Massa Lubrense is a popular base for walking fanatics because of its close proximity to the Campania countryside. Grab your walking shoes, your hat and a bottle of water and head for the rural surroundings for a chance to truly appreciate the natural beauty of the area. Don't forget your camera!

Top Holiday Resorts

Massa Lubrense
Quiet, unassuming and low-key, Massa Lubrense should be the resort of choice for people looking for a real taste of Italy, while the walking opportunities are also a major draw. Set in the heart of the Neapolitan Riviera, there's plenty to see and do both in the resort and beyond.
The neighbouring resort of Sorrento has something going on for everyone, no matter what your preferences are. With plenty of bars, restaurants, cafés and cultural delights for all that visit, Sorrento is a real melting pot of attractions and amenities that will ensure universal happiness.
Relax in true Italian style with tranquil package holidays to Massa Lubrense from Direct Holidays and escape the humdrum of everyday life - at least for a week or two!