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Way back in the 1970s, Negril seemed to be the place for hippies visiting Jamaica to sit back and chill out while enjoying their psychedelic and care-free ways. While it's still considered to be the island's capital of casual, it has so much more to offer its visitors.
While holidays in Negril still boast an intrinsic laidback charm, the resort also offers miles of glistening white sands, restaurants and beachfront shacks that dish up delicious, Caribbean fare and turquoise waters that are begging to be splashed in. Not only that, but with the resort nestled on the western coast of the island, you are also a mere stone's throw away from Montego Bay, as well as a dusting of sugar cane plantations and colonial houses that add a completely new element to holidays here.
If you're looking for somewhere to kick off the flip-flops, sink your toes into sand and appreciate some true relaxation, you won't find a better option than Negril.

Places to Go

Montego Bay
Just over an hour from Negril you will find Montego Bay ' a resort that has been popular amongst holidaymakers flocking to the Caribbean for decades. With a renewed appeal to visitors year after year, Montego Bay has over 10miles of beach, 18-hole golf courses, watersports and authentic restaurants serving up ackee, codfish and other local Jamaican specialities. If you want to visit somewhere that's synonymous with a memorable Caribbean break, a day trip to Montego Bay would be a perfect addition to any holiday itinerary.
Bob Marley Museum
If you decide to head for Montego Bay, make sure that you stop by the Bob Marley Experience and Museum. If there's one artist that's associated with Jamaica and the reggae movement, it's Marley, and the museum is home to a whole manner of memorabilia, as well as the chance to watch a film about this cultural icon.
Rick's Café
While this cliff-side bar regularly finds its way into the World's Best Bar lists, another reason for making the jaunt to this café is to watch the insane daredevils fling themselves off the cliffs into the turquoise waters below. Cliff diving is incredibly popular here, but if you want to leave with your limbs intact, it may be worth leaving the diving to those that know what they're doing!

Things to Do

Tour a Rum Distillery
It's understandable why many of the island's visitors sneak in a rum distillery tour into their itinerary ' after all, the rum that's produced on the island is second to none. The Montego Bay distillery tour of Hampden Great House gives you the chance to wander a fully operational rum distillery which has been established since the 1700s.
Walk the Mayfield Falls
Head inland to experience the longest river walk in Jamaica, in amongst a tropical rainforest that is as beautiful and breathtaking as they come. Walk the river and admire the waterfalls before stopping by the Rasta village and dining on a delicious lunch overlooking the natural beauty that surrounds you.
Join a Reggae Beach Party
You will find that as the sun goes down, Negril really comes alive with the cool sounds of reggae - whether you fancy catching some live music at one of the beachfront bars, or one of the many beach parties that can be found on Seven Mile Beach for a shindig under the stars.

Top Holiday Resorts

Negril has come a long way from its sleepy, hippy past. Nowadays, it's one of the most popular tourist spots on the island, where the beaches, adventures and laidback lifestyle are simply irresistible.
Savanna le Mar As the capital of the Westmoreland parish of Jamaica, Savanna le Mar is packed with historical attractions that have stood the test of time - and several hurricanes! While the north of Jamaica appeals to holidaymakers in their thousands every year, the south of the island is more suited to those with a sense of adventure. If you are looking for somewhere completely unspoilt by the tourist boom and aptly placed for exploration, 'Sav' is the place to go. With great value Negril package holidays from Direct Holidays, you will be perfectly positioned on the island to explore as much, or as little, of the western coast of Jamaica as you like. You'll soon realise why this Caribbean island is a holiday hotspot, and you'll be planning a return visit in no time!

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