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Malta is one of those destinations that are quite simply unique. While it can be found in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, you don't hear about its summer holidays as much as you do some of the other, more popular resorts. Perhaps that's why holidays to Marfa Bay, on the north coast of the island, are so sought after. Booking a break here brings you closer to a little piece of perfection - somewhere to relax, unwind and let the tension slip away.
It's no wonder holidaymakers who do venture to Marfa Bay return again and again. The stunning scenery in this part of the island provides an incredible backdrop while the cultural treats are enough to keep you busy for your entire visit.
Marfa Bay is one of Malta's most popular resorts, providing all the major amenities you could possibly need, while being within easy distance of the sights, sounds and sands that make Malta such a special island.

Places to Go

Head a little further afield to Gozo by hopping on one of the regular ferries that can be found at he port just 1km away from Marfa. It's considerably smaller in size than Malta but is an unspoilt wonderland that is blessed with rolling hills and luscious landscapes, just begging to be explored.
The Blue Lagoon
Situated between Malta and Gozo, the island of Comino is another hotspot for a holiday explorer, in part because of its glorious Blue Lagoon, the island's main attraction. This sheltered inlet is a highlight of any Comino visit during the peak season, when the twinkling aquamarine and turquoise waters are nothing short of stunning.
The Catacombs of St. Paul
Take the opportunity to explore these historical catacombs, located in Rabat, a sentiment of the island's archaeology and paleochristian history. Only two of the catacombs are open to the public, but there are many more to be found in the complex.

Things to Do

Dive near the Coast
The shores that Marfa sits on are home to some of the best diving and snorkelling spots on the island, so it'd only be fair to give them a go yourself. Whether you need some tuition to help hone your skills, or you're PADI qualified and wish to go it alone, you can. If you've had some experience and would like to earn the PADI qualification, you can do that here too. Diving off the coast of Marfa is an absolute dream.
Relax on the Sandy Beaches
There are two sandy beaches nearby, both of which are within easy access if all you fancy doing is digging your toes into the sand and relaxing with a good read. Both Mellieha Bay and Paradise Bay are just around 1km away from Marfa, providing great facilities as well as hours of sunshine for you to bask in.
Watersports in Mellieha Bay
If you're not content with watching the world go by for the duration of your break in Marfa, pop along to Mellieha Bay, where you can enjoy an injection of adrenaline with the help of one of the watersports on offer. Waterskiing, windsurfing and parasailing are all popular in the bay if you're up to the challenge!

Top Holiday Resorts

Marfa Bay
ThiPerfect for nature lovers, Marfa Bay is awash with coastal walks and superb countryside, meaning that with a holiday in Marfa, it's not just about the beaches. Relaxation is yours for the taking in Marfa Bay, with the village itself being home to all the amenities you could possibly need to make your holiday a complete success.
Located around 5km away from Marfa Bay, Mellieha has slightly more amenities than Marfa Bay if you're after something more. Home to one of Malta's rare sandy beaches, it's a hotspot for beach bums, while close enough to all of the popular excursions on the north coast and beyond.
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