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With a rich history and home to some of the world's most famous beaches, Portugal is brimming with holiday adventures. If you're looking to take in some much needed sand and sun, then you need to visit the Algarve coastline. The waters that gently lap the beaches are breathtaking, and if that wasn't enough, you'll even get to discover the many beautiful coves that dot the shoreline.
While Portugal is humming with activities, it's also the perfect place to relax. Walk the streets of small sleepy fishing villages while you dine on cuisine that is sure to leave your taste buds singing! Why not hit the golf course and practice your back swing? If you're looking to keep the entire family busy then get ready to slide down the chutes of fun-filled waterparks like Aqua land! No matter what your holiday desires might be, a getaway to Portugal is ideal. Aside from being filled with tons of must-see sites, the bargains you'll find at Direct Holidays will ensure that you get the perfect holiday but at an incredible price.

Places to Go

Romantically known as 'the garden island' the botanical haven of Madeira is home to the most amazing stretches of golden sands and breathtaking blue waters. Know for it's many exports, such as sweet dessert wines and an 80,000 square foot sprawling garden, Madeira is a hub of vibrant energy that is not only filled with decadent food, but also a thriving night life.
Located on the southern cost of Portugal, Albufeira is a must-see for all holidaymakers and is filled with fun activities. Shop one of the many markets and find something beautiful to take home as a memory or just snack on salty sardines. Praia Da Falesia is also worth a visit, where you can drink tropical beverages as you watch the sun set - or rise!
If you're ready to make a huge splash this holiday then you're in luck - the region of Vilamoura is famous for its water time activities. From its amazing sailing and yacht racing to its horse jumping competition, a visit here will ensure tons of fun!
The former fishing village of Carvoeiro is a picturesque location for those looking to slip into utter relaxation. Retaining much of its traditional charm, Carvoeiro will appeal to anyone who is looking for a truly memorable holiday. Explore bustling markets or hop a boat and explore the caves of Carvalho. Here you'll find a wonderful world that boasts crystal blue waters and amazing rock formations.

Things to Do

If you've never seen a clever dolphin playfully splash around in turquoise waters, now's your chance! Charter a boat and embark on an activity that is sure to leave you and your family in awe.
Even if you're not particularly religious, the churches in Portugal are a sight to behold. From the intricate designs and the ornate architecture, to the detailed art - a visit here is a must!
How are your sea legs? Charter a boat and sail up the coast to discover the experiences of sailing and fishing. If you're looking for big adventure then why not try exploring the ocean floors!
Beach Bum
Who doesn't love lazing around on a beach on holiday? Especially when you're relaxing on golden ribbons of coastline whilst sipping exotic beverages! Did we mention the warm jewelled toned seas?

Top Holiday Resorts

With a delightful mix of modern and traditional, the resorts in Madeira are bursting with golf courses, high-end dining, and miles of unspoiled coastline. A stay here is perfect for those with little ones or those just looking to relax in the lap of luxury.
Snuggled on the coast of Portugal, the resorts in Albufeira offer a large array of holiday delights. Positioned 20 minutes from the shore, a stay here will be filled with sun terraces and large deep blue swimming pools.
Weather With temperatures that will have you lying out in the sun for hours on end, the resorts in Vilamoura are bound to please. If you're looking for tons of facilities and modern amenities then the resorts at this picturesque location are perfect.
If you've never experienced a holiday in Portugal then now's the time to go. Dance, eat, drink and explore your days away in true affordable luxury that can only be brought to you by Direct Holidays.

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